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At Elder Move Inc., we help people to downsize, move, and get settled into new spaces. Often, the new space is smaller than the previous one, and that can take some getting used to. Here are some of our clients’ … Continue reading

I was doing some research on how collectors become hoarders recently, and watching an episode of Hoarders on TV. The episode featured a woman who had so much clutter there was no room for her to sleep in her bed. … Continue reading

As adults living alone or in a place that doesn’t “do” holidays, Halloween can be boring. No kids in cute outfits at the door, no jack o’lanterns decorating the doorways. No boxes of candy beside the front door to sneak … Continue reading

How sad is it when you find out that a senior has been ripped off  millions of dollars of his own hard earned money by no one other than his own children!! That is exactly what happened with a man … Continue reading

Please click on the link below to read what Grand Parent Magazine has to say about Senior Moving and Relocation Services provided by Elder Move Inc. Grand Parent Magazine

If we had a question, problem, or needed advice we turned to Mom and Dad!  As our parents age, we need to step in to help BUT when and how? Every Sunday, our large family would get together at my … Continue reading

Fear is the primary emotion affecting seniors in the downsizing process: fear of relationships, fear of possessions and fear of the unknown.  Fear is very real.  Being aware, acknowledging, appreciating and accepting this emotion is the first step to aiding … Continue reading

Whether familiar surroundings offer safety and comfort or the people they are with offer companionship and support, we all know what it is we like.  Whether you are elderly and frail or a senior with lots of energy and vigor, … Continue reading

I like to meander through the aisles of second hand stores to see what the deals are. Sometimes I go looking for something specific, like this particular day when I wanted to make some mittens out of old sweaters, until … Continue reading

We recently completed a project for Alex (not his real name), a client who was away on vacation when his mother passed away. Since she had been living in a long term care facility, we needed to get Mrs. B’s … Continue reading

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