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Getting the kitchen organized is all about what you want to get out of the space, and how much time you normally spend in it. It goes without saying that kitchens can be tricky to organize! There never seems to … Continue reading

It can be hard to get organized in the bathroom. The popularity of pedestal sinks means there is a big cupboard missing under the sink, so we need to get creative! One popular solution to bathroom storage is to install … Continue reading

These series is designed to help you get organized. If you are a lover of DIY and want a few handy hints, check back so that you see the entire series! The Linen Closet When we moved into a new … Continue reading

One problem with “getting organized” is the motivation to get the work done can be tough to hold onto. If you have a lot of things it can be overwhelming to try and get things organized all in one go. … Continue reading

We see a lot of family treasures in our work, and some of them cause trouble. They’ve been carefully saved to pass on to the next generation…but in many cases, grown children and grandchildren don’t really want what’s being offered. … Continue reading

Are you a senior who has had a trip or fall at home? Though the initial design of your space may have been ideal at one time, things can change as we age. It’s not uncommon to need some updating … Continue reading

One thing that drives me bananas is when I can’t find my digital “stuff”! Have you ever searched for a file on your computer and no matter what, it seemed to have disappeared? Me too! It drove me crazy, especially … Continue reading

Do you have collections of pictures? Photo albums in shelves and framed snaps up on the wall? Hundreds or perhaps thousands of digital files? If you’re looking for a gift for someone or you’ve got family who wants to know … Continue reading

At Elder Move Inc., we help people to downsize, move, and get settled into new spaces. Often, the new space is smaller than the previous one, and that can take some getting used to. Here are some of our clients’ … Continue reading

I was doing some research on how collectors become hoarders recently, and watching an episode of Hoarders on TV. The episode featured a woman who had so much clutter there was no room for her to sleep in her bed. … Continue reading

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