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The Elder Move Inc. team is committed to your health and well being. While we continue to be operational at this time, please know that we do so while adhering to the strict guidelines set forth by AHS and the … Continue reading

To all the women out there who have given their time, energy, and love to ensure we become the best we can! It takes a village to raise a child and it’s never been so true! To the Mother’s, Step … Continue reading

By Stephanie Chamberlain Carole Estabrooks University of Alberta EDMONTON – LIVING – What happens when a person grows older and can not make health and financial decisions for themselves – but also doesn’t have family or friends who can make those … Continue reading

This article published by the Financial Post is a really good read and I recommend it for any age. It’s important to know what the future holds for us as we age. Questions to ask ourselves, will be have enough … Continue reading

No matter where you are at today, or what day it is when you read this post, we hope you’ll enjoy this as you look for you own Declutter Motivation. It can be hard to stay motivated for lots of … Continue reading

What better time than Fall to declutter, clear out, and clean up! Starting next Tuesday, October 9, 2018 we are sponsoring a 15-day declutter challenge where you can get some helpful tips, information, and win prizes as you declutter your … Continue reading

When plans change and we find ourselves with nothing to do, we often have a little found time, and that’s a treat! If you were going out but cooler weather has cancelled your plans, you can use that time that’s … Continue reading

Just because you’ve got a teeny balcony or patio space doesn’t mean you have to miss out on gardening this summer. Teeny gardens are the way to go! Bring some food and colour to your balcony, window, or little gardening … Continue reading

There’s a royal wedding this weekend! Are you going to watch it? Will you wake up in the wee hours to catch it live on television, or go watch it at a local hot spot while enjoying ceremonial tea and … Continue reading

It’s Mental Health Awareness month, and to celebrate we’re taking a look at some women who are great examples of staying healthy, happy, and productive well into their third act. Remember that great Ted Talk from Jane Fonda where she … Continue reading

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