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  • Got a Change of Plan? Use the Time to Organize!

When plans change and we find ourselves with nothing to do, we often have a little found time, and that’s a treat! If you were going out but cooler weather has cancelled your plans, you can use that time that’s been freed up to do a mini “fall organizing session” that will help keep things tidy and give you a head start!

Fall trees and scenery

Got 15 minutes? Grab the Vacuum!

For this kind of cleaning, you just grab the vacuum, and give the nozzle a quick wipe (you don’t want to contaminate your drawers with something gucked on there). Then, pull out the drawers in the kitchen, vacuum out the crumbs and dust that accumulate in the corners. You can also open cupboard doors, the refrigerator, and the drawer in your stove, to give the ledges a quick update and a refresh!

20 minutes

Have a peek in the bathroom cabinet, under the sinks, and anywhere that you have squirreled away medications (over the counter or prescription). Gather anything that is expired and put them (still in their containers) into a plastic bag. Medications can usually be disposed of through your local pharmacy, or at your community health centre.

25 minutes

This is the perfect amount of time to do some tidying in your car, and made really easy if you have a rechargeable vacuum or dust-buster. First, remove all the rubbish in your car and tie it up in a garbage bag. Then, vacuum any place you can fit the nozzle. Remember to get the space between the seats, and under the floor mats. In this time (depending on the state of your car), you could also use a couple of glass wipes to clean the inside of your windows, the handles, and edges around the doors. All that’s left is to drive through a car wash or visit your local wand wash, and your car will be looking good as new!

30 minutes

Most fridges and stoves have good casters on them these days. Roll out the fridge, vacuum the bits, and then wash off the sides, top, and floor underneath before you roll the fridge back into its place. For extra points, grab a spay dishcloth and wipe the rubber trim around the doors (be sure to coax it out of its wrinkled state, so you can get ALL the crumbs in there).

I was recently working on a kitchen where the building is octagonal on the outside, and so the inside apartments have all kinds of off angles to them. The fridge had to cross a metal transition piece to maneuver it outside of its hole. That was a two- person job that required emptying of the fridge and freezer, plus the muscle of two people and it was still a tough job. Make sure you know your appliances before you try to move them.

60 minutes

Picking up leaves can be a lot of work and plenty of people try to skip this clean up, but your yard looks so much better (and is much easier to prep in the spring) if you can devote a little time outside. If you’re in a condo you probably don’t have to worry about this, but you may be helping someone with this job, and so I urge you to read on!

If you’re not someone who enjoys raking or you physically can’t do it, you can always put the catcher on your lawn mower and try to rake them up that way, or split this up into several quick trips outside rather than trying to get it all done in one day.

While you are out in the yard, have a look at trees for loose or dead limbs that need removing. This is the perfect time of year to check your eavestroughs to make sure they are clear of debris, and if they aren’t you’ll want to call someone with a good ladder and insurance to do this for you (you can do this yourself, but this is one of those jobs I bring in a professional for because of the height and angles of my roof).

That’s it for now! I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to some warm fall days when the threat of frost isn’t right over me, but at least this way we get to pull out a favourite sweater or too and enjoy the crisp air!

If you’re in the Edmonton, Alberta area and you’d like some help organizing, downsizing, and more, let us know by completing the form on our contact page!

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