Relocating Seniors with Comfort and Ease

Frequently Asked Questions

What stays and what goes?
– Through scheduled sorting sessions we guide you through the sorting process helping you decide what to keep, give to charity or dispose of.

Who will help us with all our stuff?
– The staff at Elder Move will be with you each step of the way having time to relive memories of found treasures.

What will we do with all the items we have accumulated through the years?
– Your items will be sorted, with your help, into categories: keep, give to family members, sell, donate to charity or dispose of, we will then arrange content sales, charity pick-ups and trash removal.

How does the move happen?
– We at Elder Move will organize and take care of everything from sorting and packing to unpacking and organizing your new home…even hang pictures, set clocks and make your beds! Relax…your move is in our hands.

If we choose to stay in our current residence can you help?
– Yes we can, downsizing and/or de-cluttering will give you more space to be surrounded by your favorite things and will make your home safer to move around in.

How do I decide what furniture to take?
– We will provide you with a customized floor plan of your new space. This plan will include measurements so together we can decide what will fit.

Who will do the packing/unpacking?
– Once you or your family members have assisted us with the sorting process we carefully pack your belongings. Elder move staff will oversee the movers on moving day to ensure your items are handled properly and guide placement of the furniture. We will then unpack, recycle moving materials, and organize your new home. You will not be living out of boxes and can therefore enjoy your new community.

How do you prepare the home for resale?
– We will arrange for cleaning of the family home along with shampooing the carpets and any minor repairs. We have a list of trusted realtors to choose from if needed. The home can be staged and ready to put on the market.

Where do I start?
– Call us today, at (780) 668 9767. Let’s talk about how we can help you.

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