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Shannon Lang

Shannon Lang

Shannon Lang, founder of Elder Move Inc., found herself in the difficult situation of moving an elderly parent. For three weeks she spent her days at work, then brought her sons with her and she sorted while they did homework. Dad joined them with a fast food entrée each evening, and there they were in the once cherished home, working their way through 40 years of memories, and making tough emotional decisions about what to do with the mountains of prized possessions. When they finally finished and the move was complete, there were also charity drop offs, trash to dispose of… THEN the cleaning began. Next, there were repairs to do, a realtor to find, and the once warm, family home was put on the market. These tasks were all done with love and compassion, but the work was monumental and emotionally exhausting. Shannon became determined to become the resource that was needed for people going through these transitions, and she founded Elder Move Inc.

Elder Move Inc. was created to assist and guide the downsizing and /or relocation process, creating a positive and hopeful experience for seniors and their families needing to make serious lifestyle changes.

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