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Do you have collections of pictures? Photo albums in shelves and framed snaps up on the wall? Hundreds or perhaps thousands of digital files? If you’re looking for a gift for someone or you’ve got family who wants to know what you’d like for a gift, going digital is a great way to go.

With the right tools, you (or you can hire a professional photo organizer to do this) can have all your photos scanned and then, instead of having photos tucked under the stairs or in an attic you can actually look at them! After all, a photo that’s sitting at the bottom of a box somewhere is just a piece of paper instead of a treasured memory to be enjoyed.

My sister recently took on a massive project for my parents which involved not just scanning their photos – a quick exercise but not helpful for anyone outside our folks who might be looking at the pictures. She is annotating them so that the notes on the back or beneath a photo in an album are also preserved. No doubt, you know the stories connected to your own pictures, but over time those stories get lost. This is no longer a problem when a complete job is done on your photos.

There are some fabulous gadgets available to help you scan, preserve, and then share your digital photos with family members. Digital scanners can be used for photos, slides, have recorded messages attached, and more. My sister was able to take a dozen photo albums and put all the files on one USB stick to share among the family. Our mom and dad love watching the photos on their digital frame, or to see them on the larger television screen.

Programs like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox allow you to easily share photos among family members, as will a USB Flash Drive. Another great way to share is to store the photos on digital frames that you can give as gifts. This is even better than in the “olden days” when we would sit together in the living room and view the family slides, because there is a lot less work required and less space in the room needed for the old projector.

If you’d like to learn more about organizing and downsizing, check out the other blog posts on this page. If you’re in Alberta and you’d like some help, we’d love to chat with you. Just fill out the contact form here on our site.

A reminder of how important pictures are.

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