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It’s Mental Health Awareness month, and to celebrate we’re taking a look at some women who are great examples of staying healthy, happy, and productive well into their third act.

Remember that great Ted Talk from Jane Fonda where she shares Life’s Third Act? You can check it out here . Jane Fonda’s had a great career, been applauded for outstanding work, and has revived her career after retiring more than once. Some people want to retire at 65, and lots of people don’t like the idea at all. Jane Fonda’s in the latter group.

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Dame Helen Mirren has had a great career on stage and in film, and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, either. She turns 73 this year and has six projects currently in production. In addition to playing a queen six times in her career, she played a tough retired spy in RED and RED2, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I have a feeling that her role in Retired Extremely Dangerous is as close as she will voluntarily get to retiring.

Speaking of women who don’t show signs of slowing down, Dame Judi Dench turns 83 this year. Judi she has played the complicated M since the 1990s in the James Bond movie empire, in between many fascinating roles. Like Helen Mirren, Judi also has several movies in the works presently, and she reportedly likes to do embroidery to fill long stretches of waiting on movie sets. She makes intricate, elegant pieces, and finishes them with the rudest of phrases and cuss words before giving them as gifts!

What things are you doing to stop yourself from retiring or taking a back seat to life? Jane, Helen, and Judi have all had long, successful careers and continue to have fun, contribute, and work. They don’t show signs of stopping.

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