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  • Getting Organized in the Kitchen, Article #4

Getting the kitchen organized is all about what you want to get out of the space, and how much time you normally spend in it. It goes without saying that kitchens can be tricky to organize! There never seems to be enough cupboard space, or the perfect configuration. Sometimes you have a nice big space with plenty of cupboards, and other times you have a small apartment with a cupboard for a kitchen.

The Organized Kitchen

If you’ve got a tiny kitchen, you already know how essential it is to maximize your space. My rule is to make sure that any tools or dishes I buy can be used for more than one thing (this is a tip I learned from Alton Brown, who used to have a “basic” cooking show before he became a big celeb on The Food Network). Next time you want to buy something for your kitchen, ask yourself how many uses it has. If it can be used for more than one task, that’s great! If it’s a one hit wonder, give it a pass. Using Brown’s rule, I recently bought an Instant Pot. This thing is a slow cooker (a kitchen essential for me), rice cooker, pressure cooker (which has saved me a ton of time when I making stews and soups), yogurt maker, sauté pan, and more, yet it only takes up the space of one appliance!

Plastic and Glass are Beautiful

Store your dry goods in glass or plastic containers you can see through to help you put your hands on things quickly. My pantry inspiration is Canadian Chef Michael Smith, who stores his spices and dry goods in canning jars (you can see it here You’ll see that he also had lots of in cabinet lighting, which is a great way to perk up a small, dark space.

Get Creative With Peg Board and Modular Shelves

Peg board and modular metal shelves are kitchen favourites. Cut a piece of pegboard to fit a large drawer. Insert dowels inside the peg holes, and they become guides so plates, platters, or awkward sized dishes don’t slide around. Check out great ideas on Pinterest to see loads of ways to organize with pegboard.

The large space under a kitchen sink is often poorly utilized. Modular metal shelves can be inserted around the plumbing to make the most of this space, and provides a sturdy surface for storing things.

Shoe Organizers

Use an inexpensive shoe organizer to save cupboard and shelf space. Look for one that has clear plastic pockets, so you can easily see things like spices and small kitchen tools that you store there. Rolls of garbage bags, elastic bands, and Hang the organizer on the inside of your pantry, or trim it down to fit on the inside of a cupboard door. You can fasten the corners with double sided tape to stop it from shifting when the door opens.

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