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  • Getting Organized: A Series To Help You Get Rid of Clutter, Article #1

One problem with “getting organized” is the motivation to get the work done can be tough to hold onto. If you have a lot of things it can be overwhelming to try and get things organized all in one go. If you don’t enjoy tidying up it can be hard to get started.  This series of articles will help you tame clutter by using short blocks of time instead of spending an entire day (or weeks or months) to get things under control.

There aren’t a lot of people I meet who enjoy cleaning house, doing laundry, or matching up odd socks for a family of five. I feel like the work is well worth it if only for the satisfaction of knowing you did a good job. After all, when things are tidy and well organized, you’ve got a space you can enjoy being in. You don’t have to see piles of stuff out of the corner of your eye. I love the way a client’s face lights up when they look into their closet and see how everything they have kept now fits beautifully – both on their body and in the closet!

Read on for some handy tips to get organized quickly and easily.

Fix It or Nix It

Do you have a pile of clothes stashed away that are waiting to be mended? If you haven’t fixed something within a week, there’s a 95 percent chance you won’t ever repair it. Take a good look at your mending pile, and bid farewell to anything that is going to take more than ten minutes to fix within the next seven days, or is beyond your skill level (I hate sewing zippers and I am awful at it). Charities tell us that they cannot repair clothing that is donated, so don’t send them things that need buttons or fixing.

Sweater Dilemma

Sweaters don’t hang up well, and they can take up a lot of room when folded in a dresser drawer. Have a look at your sweaters and set aside the ones you haven’t worn in a year. If you still have too many, then remove the ones you haven’t worn in six months. The rule of making room in your closet and dresser is that if you aren’t wearing something regularly, it’s time to let it go! If your sweaters are nearly new or only gently worn, there are plenty of shelters and charities who need your warm clothes to dress someone in need.

Sock Stash

It can be tempting to hold onto socks just a little longer than needed, and the odd socks can get out of hand quickly, especially if you’ve got a house full or people! Make sorting socks into a bit of a game for yourself, and make sure you have a prize ready for yourself even if it’s just a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar for your coffee.

Sorting socks can be painful because it can seem like the task goes on forever. Set a timer and commit to focussing on socks for thirty minutes at a time, and it’ll make things easier to stick with knowing that it’ll end. Turn on some music and keep your body moving to the beat, or listen to an audio book while you work to keep yourself entertained. Grab your stash of odd socks, and lay them out individually on your bed or kitchen table so that none of them are out of sight. When you finish the matching, give yourself a hearty pat on the back! If you still have odd socks laying on the table, accept that their partners are long gone, and chuck out what’s left. That’s right, I said throw them out! The idea of organizing is to get rid of what you don’t need and there will be things you need to say farewell to, so get yourself okay with eliminating odd socks that have no purpose! BEFORE you put the pairs away, check them over quickly and throw out any pairs where one or both socks are in sad shape (worn thin, holes, or dingy socks that will never be white again).

If you have nothing left except good socks, but you still have more than what will fit in the drawer, have a look at your laundry cycle. If you do laundry every two weeks, you probably don’t need more than 14 pairs of socks and if you wear sandals a lot you can get away with even less.

There you have it! The first article in our series! Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to organize your home. If you’d like some help, reach out to us on our contact form, here.

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