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  • You Can Keep Your Favourite Things In a Digital World

One thing that drives me bananas is when I can’t find my digital “stuff”! Have you ever searched for a file on your computer and no matter what, it seemed to have disappeared? Me too! It drove me crazy, especially when some of my favourite things – pictures, books, emails, were there but out of my reach. Now, I have a system of tools, folders, and backups set up that keep me on track.  Laptop with a cup of coffee in a ladybird mug

A few years ago, I had files on a laptop and they were different to the files on my desktop. I also had a backup drive, but honestly, have you ever tried to get files off a backup drive? It’s not for the weak kneed! Because I didn’t know how to get particular files off a backup, I’d email important files to myself so I could access them from anywhere. Of course this meant I had the same file in multiple places, and was not efficient at all.

Do You Have Backup?

There are plenty of options, from storing your emails and pictures on the cloud with OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, and many more. Some of these platforms offer a little free storage and you can buy extra space if you need it, although I haven’t found one that meets all my needs. I find that when I want to access something off the cloud and then edit the document, I have to download it to a computer. Then when I am finished making the changes, I have to load it back up. This feels like too much fiddling around, especially if I am working on multiple parts of one project at a time.

My solution was to use an external drive where I can copy files regularly, and they are easy to find and work with. However, my IT friends tell me that I shouldn’t store my external hard drive at home. It’s too easy for files to get lost or damaged. Instead, I store some things in the cloud until I copy them onto an external hard drive.

You have to identify the best method of storage and backup for you. What’s handy? What’s easy to manage? What’s affordable?

My Kind of Gadgets

I have a large external hard drive, and its 4TB is plenty of space. You can see it here (and order from my affiliate link if you like): and to be adequately covered, I also have a backup drive, where with the help of an IT person I could get myself up and going on a new computer if I needed to.

One of the things I love about putting my photos on an external drive is that I have them handy to look at, anytime I want. I don’t have to pull out big albums (although a lovingly created photo album or scrapbook is marvellous, I admit), and I don’t need a set of bookshelves to store my album. The pictures, on an external drive, take up very little space at all. I can also keep important papers, from bank statements to tax returns, and don’t have stacks of paper around the house or tucked into closets.

What To Do About Your Favourite Digital Things?

Have you ever lost important files from your computers or gadgets? If so, think about getting yourself a gift of storage and backup! Perhaps consider it for the techy person in your family. Don’t lose your documents and photos that you’ve so carefully saved; make sure you save them, carefully.

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